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Trade Training Hub - ARBS-2024 - Demonstrations

  • TTH ARBS Demonstration
  • TTH Trade Training Hub Demo (part 1)

  • TTH Trade Training Hub Demo (part 2)
  • TTH Trade Training Hub Demo (part 3)
    Stop video before moving to the next demonstration - otherwise the old soundtrack continues.

    The Trade Training Hub (TTH) has been designed to provide training and education in various trades and vocational skills. TTH has been established to address the demand for skilled workers in a range of specific industries and trades. TTH‘s main purpose has been created to offer education and training in trades such as refrigeration and air conditioning, electrical work, welding, automotive repair, and more.

    The goal of TTH is to equip individuals with the required knowledge and skills (where required) to pursue a career in these fields. TTH also assists with Skills Development through its Registered Training Organisation (RTO) members who offer hands-on training in partnership with industry experts or associations, to ensure that students acquire the skills required for the trade.